The Guide on How to Add Music to an Instagram Story

“Instagram story- The Quick way to entertain your friends” 

Making Instagram Stories can be easy, but you need to put a lot of thought into them if you want to make them entertaining. Fortunately, Instagram offers many tools to help make your stories as enjoyable as possible. You must be knowing that Instagram introduced music in stories a long way back. It implies that you can add music to your Instagram stories to make them more fun. However, there are a lot of Instagram users who still do not know how to add music to an Instagram story. So are you one of those? Well, in that case, this blog is a must-read for you. Here, you will get to know how to add music to an Instagram story via your favorite music streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud a lot more. So let’s start:

How to Add Music to an Instagram Story directly?

Before knowing how to add music to an Instagram story via different music streaming services, it is important to know how to add it directly. Follow these steps:

  • With Instagram’s library, you can directly add music to your stories. To access Story, tap on the plus (+) icon on the top of the app. Alternatively, you can long-press Your Story and select Add to Your Story. Also, you can swipe to the left to open your camera, then select Your Story after taking the photo or video. 
  • Take your photo or video on the camera screen. Also, you can swipe up to view your photo library, then select what you want to add. Select the filters and effects you want to apply. Then, tap the Music sticker after tapping the Sticker icon.
  • To find a song, browse the different genres and sections on the Music screen. Use the top search field to locate particular music by song, artist, or album. Found something cool? Play it to hear it. You can choose a song from the list by tapping it. It is possible to select the sound clip (up to 15 seconds) that will accompany your story by scrolling through the song. You can add a section by moving the slider bar.
  • You can change the image of some songs by tapping the music thumbnail. Some songs even display lyrics while they are playing. Select the image, then tap Done. This will add the song as a sticker to your story.
  • Press the Your Story button to publish your story. Additionally, you can also send it only to a specific group of people by tapping Close Friends, or you can tap Send To and select which people you want to receive it from.
  • Tap Your Story to view your story. The music will automatically play as you read your story. As soon as you tap the song label, the music stops and you will get the option to save or share the song. In the same way, your followers can browse your story and listen to the music.

Therefore, this is how to add music to an Instagram story directly via an Instagram library. So do you want to add must via your favorite music streaming platforms? Below are the steps:

How to add music to an Instagram story via other music streaming platforms?

Spotify App

  • From the Spotify app, you can grab music to add to your Instagram stories. Select the Share option when Spotify is playing a song. Your selected song appears on your Instagram story once you tap Instagram. There are also special effects and text available for your story. To post the story, click the Your Story button. 
  • After posting your story, Spotify will give you a link back to it. Simply tap on Your Story on Instagram to view it. You can open Spotify for your viewers by clicking Open Spotify on the Play on Spotify button and then by clicking Open.

SoundCloud App

  • From the Soundcloud app, choose a song and choose Share to share it on your Instagram story. You can then import it and the relevant photo into your Instagram account. 
  • Upon publication of the story, it will serve as a link to the song on SoundCloud. Open the SoundCloud app by viewing the story, selecting Play on SoundCloud, then selecting Open SoundCloud. 

Therefore, this is how to add music to an Instagram story directly and via your favorite music streaming platforms. Also, there are some recent updates by Instagram in regard to the Instagram story music. Let’s explore these updates:

The Latest Update

The best part of this is that Instagram constantly adds new music to the library. Additionally, Instagram version 51 now includes a music sticker in select countries, and users can now select a song before taking a photo or video on iOS devices with Android following shortly. Instagram is trying to make music as accessible to the global community as possible in the future so people can share their moments and express themselves through music with friends.

Wrapping Up

Therefore, this is how to add music to an Instagram story quickly in just a few steps. Moreover, if you need any assistance in this regard, you can contact the expert team of Virtual Oplossing. We are your all-in-one digital marketing agency here to help you connect with your friends via Instagram. Get in touch!  

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