The Impact of In Appropriate Website Design on Site Traffic

Creating a website is easy. But creating a unique website that helps you stand out from the competition seems like a complex task. The uniqueness and innovation in your website entirely depend upon the traffic on your website. The growth of content marketing and social media marketing for businesses has made it easier than ever before to direct visitors to your website. Though there are a number of marketing tools available to increase website traffic sometimes no amount of marketing can help if your website is not designed up to the mark.

Your website design and strategy are the major factors that can significantly impact your rankings on search engines. So it is important to know that before you move ahead towards a costly marketing campaign, you must get the fundamentals of your website design right. This blog is a complete guide for you explaining the major issues that can affect your website’s traffic and negatively impact your search engine rankings. So if you are the one interested in knowing all the loopholes of website design, this blog is a must-read for you.

Before knowing about the impacts of inappropriate design, let us understand the concept of web designing briefly.

All About Web Designing

In general, web designing refers to the outlook of your website. It implies that web designing is the process of planning and building the right elements of a website. From deciding the structure and layout to finalizing the colors, graphics, and fonts, everything is covered under web designing.

Now, let’s see what are the common issues that can negatively affect your website’s traffic:

Responsive or Adaptive Design

How your website is viewed on mobile phones or any other screen can affect the traffic. A website is referred to as responsive only when your website can adapt and display content clearly for the visitors irrespective of the fact the size and type of device they are using. It is important for you to ensure that content is not formatted for these devices only but also optimized and tweaked to ensure the best possible experience for visitors.

Site Speed

In today’s fast-moving world, a slow-loading website will definitely lead to poor results as visitors will quickly leave. This can probably result in being penalized by search engines for providing a negative experience to the users. So it is important to keep a balance between the highest quality content and appropriate file size to optimize the loading speed.

Up to date content

The success of a website entirely depends upon the content. Consistently providing new information and updates is exciting for search engines. The best trick is to upload blogs on your website that will let your visitors and search engine know that you are active here and shoeing your level of expertise in your field.

Visual design and usability

It considers how the looks and feel of your website can affect your traffic. It is important to maintain consistency between your brand and your online presence. A professional-looking website can make or break a user’s impression of your website. So it is necessary to create a visually appealing website that can increase your website traffic.

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