Manual Testing


Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the opposite of Automation Testing. It is basically the process of testing the defects in the software manually. This process requires a tester who plays the role of an end-user whereby they use most of the application’s features to ensure correct behavior. Our tester’s team follows a proven test plan to accomplish this goal. Opting for manual testing can seem like a complex task but it has many advantages too as this process is ideal for both short-term and long-term projects and these services involve less cost as compared to automation testing. But the question arises, what are the benefits of manual testing for your business?

Why Choose Us?

  • Use human perspective: Human testers can quickly and easily identify errors when something looks off. Automation testing is unable to pick up these issues. Human testers are able to discover usability issues and user interface glitches. Automated test scripts can’t test for these things.
  • Fewer errors and holes: Automated test scripts may have bugs just like codes. But automation testing has the potential to report false positives and false negatives. Adding a human touch to the entire process can help in avoiding these errors.
  • Easy to understand the problem: There is no doubt that automated testing saves time and helps in getting quick results. But manual testing helps in understanding the problem on a conceptual and emotional level.
  • Allows exploratory testing: Automation testing requires proper planning and preparation to write and it only performs the actions that you tell them to. But with manual testing, you can easily explore the entire application.

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