React Native App


React Native App

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React Native Mobile App Development is a popular mobile app framework based on JavaSCript. It allows you to build natively rendered mobile apps for both Android and iOS systems. With this, you can create an application for various platforms by using the same codebase. In just a small time span React Native became one of the top solutions used for mobile development. Are you aware of the fact that React and React Native are two different terms? And React Native is not the newer version of React. React Native is basically powered by React that helps the developers to use a set of UI components to quickly compile and launch iOS and Android apps. But the question arises how is it beneficial for you?

Why Choose Us?

  • Saves time and money: React Native App Development is compatible with both iOS and Android. That is why developers only need to build one app and in the end, two apps are created. This automatically saves the time and the cost of creating an app.
  • Great performance: React Native App performs really fast because the programming language is optimized for mobile devices. Instead of using a CPU React Native uses GPU. this makes it comparatively faster.
  • Moveable: In case it becomes necessary to move the app to another development framework, you just need to export the app from React Native and move it into Android Studio or Xcode and continue from there.
  • Increased flexibility: It makes it easy for different developers on a team to jump in where someone else left off and continue building because of the interface used. This helps in increasing the team’s flexibility and makes it easy to upgrade the app.

Convinced to use React Native App Development? But wondering about where to get it from? No worries. We at Virtual Oplossing have got you covered. Contact us anytime to avail our services.

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