Clients using our website designing, website development, or other services

The following are the terms of service for website designing, e-commerce development, and web development. We require a billing address from the customer in order to provide website design and development services. When signing up, our Web Design will request any additional information the customer may need. You agree to these terms and conditions of service when you sign our order form or place an order online.

Payment Terms Website Development

We require a 50% down payment for custom website and design services. Down payments for site development are not refundable. Final payment will be received within 15 days of the project’s completion. Beginning on day 30 of development, a progress bill for a minimum of 25% of the remaining balance will be sent to the customer. Billing for ongoing website maintenance and updates occurs on the first calendar day of every month.

Semi-custom Website development: the first month’s payment is required for subscriptions for semi-custom websites and the full amount for any add-ons, once the order is complete. Each month, a bill will be sent if the service remains active.

General Payment Terms

Payment for service invoices is due 15 days after they are issued. If no payment is received after 20 days, default occurs. Non-cleared checks result in immediate default and a $35 returned check charge. After 60 days, services will be interrupted if unpaid accounts remain unpaid. Even if this interruption occurs, the monthly charge will still be due. Accounts that are in default are charged interest of $5.00 a month or 1.5% of the outstanding balance, whichever is greater. If the state’s laws allow it, you may only charge 1.5% interest per month.

By default, we may enforce our rights under these Terms and Conditions by claiming attorney’s fees and collection agency fees from you.

Service Interruptions

In the event of service interruptions beyond our control, we assume no responsibility. Natural disasters and disruptions by our suppliers are examples.

Account Credentials

Customer authentication codes and passwords are kept confidential. We do not allow the sharing of account information or passwords. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify us by email or telephone as soon as possible if he believes his user ID or password has been compromised.

Governing Laws

Prior to initiating any adjudicative action or proceeding, including arbitration, all claims, disputes, or controversies arising from this agreement will be resolved through mediation. This includes disputes concerning breach of this agreement.

Content and Terms of Use

Only legal uses of our Web Design services are permitted. Laws in the US prohibit the storage, documentation, transmission, or presentation of data that violates them. The material may be a piece of copyrighted or plagiarized work, racist or threatening, obscene or pornographic, or subject to other laws.

In addition, we do not allow customers to pirate software, use unlicensed mp3 files, host warez websites, or use hacker programs. Customers who use our services agree to indemnify and hold Web Design harmless in case of a claim. Spam or unsolicited commercial emails (UCEs) are prohibited and will result in the account being terminated if used by clients. By sending an Unsolicited Commercial E-mail, the customer agrees to pay us all reasonable costs incurred by the company in responding to complaints and doing so in a timely manner.

Adherence to Proposal

Our customers are responsible for reviewing our proposals carefully and evaluating them. If they exceed the scope of the original proposal, we reserve the right to refuse project add-ons or charge appropriately for the time and materials used. For additional services, payments are due prior to development or within 15 days, whichever comes first.

Project Timeline

Customers are generally responsible for reviewing the project timeline and adhering to its deadlines. In the event of missed deadlines, projects may be delayed or halted. When a project is delayed, we may invoice the customer for additional resources. It is possible for a project to be terminated due to delays, and starting the project again may require a new development agreement. In the event of a project delay or termination due to the customer’s failure to follow the timeline, the down payment is non-refundable.

Website Copyright
– Custom Websites

When a website is paid in full, the copyright of the website is transferred to the purchaser. If the copyright transfer is completed, customers who cancel their subscriptions will receive a copy of their website. All files will be included in a .zip file, and the MySQL dump will be included in a SQL file, if applicable.

– Semi-Custom Websites

WordPress login credentials do not come with subscriptions or layouts. After one (1) year, a website purchaser receives the copyright to semi-custom websites. Once the development of a semi-custom website has been paid for in full, the copyright is transferred. If the copyright transfer has been completed, customers whose subscriptions have been canceled will receive a copy of their website. Contains the entire file structure in a .zip file as well as a database dump if it is available.

– Website Go-Live and Access

Once all requirements have been met and the customer has approved the project, it is considered complete. Whenever a customer requests changes beyond the scope of the original proposal, we may charge an additional fee. When a project is finished, the customer has one week to launch the website or provide us with credentials to make the website live. If the site is not launched properly, the go-live date may be delayed and additional expenses may be incurred. After final payment for the project is received, we will grant account access to the website and provide written or verbal training.